15 June 2011

Unicorns Are Naturally Born

More and more I'm discovering that I pull much inspiration from the people I meet. Whether a chance encounter or a long time friend, moments shared creates a context for something greater.
The following painting is an example of this; at one point I had asked a friend how she came up with her almost fantastical way of describing the world around her, to which she responded, "Unicorns are naturally born." From then on that phrase became a way to describe what previously could not be. Unicorns are naturally born was our way to describe the magic of a moment when there was no particular reason behind an action.
Has this happened to you? Was there words said or things done that seem to have no reason at all?

Also I forgot to mention,
I have a painting in the "Salon Show De Refuse" at the 410 Bush Street Gallery, info below.
Check it out there are really great artist in there as well!
410 Bush Street Gallery
410 Bush St (Stockton Street.)
San Francisco, CA 94108
Mon-Sat 8am-10pm


KI-KE said...

this piece actually came out really nice. I never got to see the finished version, and congrats on the show Gian Anderson. Is giant Anderson ok?

Dlihca said...

No, Giant anderson is not ok.
I re-worked the other one too it'll be up soon.

KI-KE said...

lol. OK Anderson.