30 December 2011

One More Drink

Finally got around to finishing some projects, hehe.
But yeah I learned much last semester as far as fine art drawing and again with painting. But by far this is just the beginning! It's exciting to see what next though...
So more work to come But I wanted to go ahead and put this up:

15 November 2011

Post Tiny

So for those who could not make it out to the Tiny show I thought I'd preview the work I put in. Seeing as I did not post the finish product.

And if you still wanna see them in person, along many other good work the show is still up for another month and there is another opening for Studio gallery's anniversary show.
Till next time...

05 November 2011


Tomorrow, November 6th Studio Gallery is having a Tiny show of large proportions!
Over 170 local artists (including yours truly) are participating in this years Tiny shows.
All work presented is under 7x7x7 and under $400.
This is actually the biggest Tiny show yet, so I hope to see you there!
So Come check it out and pick out a piece for yourself or as a gift for the holidays or both!
Also if you do miss the first opening there is a second  on December 4th for their Anniversary show.

15 October 2011


So coming from mostly sculpture I found a growing curiosity to do cityscapes. the thinking behind this was that landscapes are about at far from sculpture as you can get, because it is themed  around an environment and not the object.I figured it would be a clash in thinking as far as my approach. What I found is that both object and environment are a matter of perspective, one can affect the other or control it's meaning also both rely heavily on composition which is meaning more and more to me every day.
So here is the beginning of my Urbanscapes. With every new painting i learn more and more.

09 October 2011

It's funny how one idea leads to another which leads to another, before you know it you're drawing odd things on the bus that freak out the lady next to you....
....but it's fun.

And what better way to finish it off then to make something of it? Especially if it invokes such a reaction from others.
So lately I've been doing much more painting and drawing that I decided to take a little time to sculpt this little guy.
Right now it's still drying but I've decided to oil paint him before I give him a good home.
So till the next stage...

12 August 2011

Oops I slipped

So I guess I forgot to do a post for a little bit.
I've been trying out many new things, and still trying to make since of it all but needless to say there is more work to come.
It's funny how you can be all over the place just to figure out what's right in front of you, but oh well...

29 June 2011

The Order

New Show coming up that should be a lota fun!

Modern Eden is located on the corner of Francisco and Powell, but for more info go to Moderneden.com 
There's gonna be some really good work there all with a surrealism theme and I'll even have a painting in this time. So so check it out!

23 June 2011

While I Was There

There is something to be said about visually describing the places you are at. There are so many variables to work with that you end up inherently describing more then the places you are at.

15 June 2011

Unicorns Are Naturally Born

More and more I'm discovering that I pull much inspiration from the people I meet. Whether a chance encounter or a long time friend, moments shared creates a context for something greater.
The following painting is an example of this; at one point I had asked a friend how she came up with her almost fantastical way of describing the world around her, to which she responded, "Unicorns are naturally born." From then on that phrase became a way to describe what previously could not be. Unicorns are naturally born was our way to describe the magic of a moment when there was no particular reason behind an action.
Has this happened to you? Was there words said or things done that seem to have no reason at all?

Also I forgot to mention,
I have a painting in the "Salon Show De Refuse" at the 410 Bush Street Gallery, info below.
Check it out there are really great artist in there as well!
410 Bush Street Gallery
410 Bush St (Stockton Street.)
San Francisco, CA 94108
Mon-Sat 8am-10pm

06 June 2011

If I Had To Go

So I finished painting my most recent architecture piece. I tried something a little different this time...

Instead of glazing the ceramic piece like I usually do I wanted to try using oil paints on the surface hoping that it would give me more control of the overall look.
The result definitely has potential that gives me much to think about in surface and application, which is exciting at the same time!
But till next time...

01 June 2011

A bit of Paint

So Someone made the comment that I haven't posted much of my painting work so, I give you a bit of my class work from the past semester till I post more finished works. 

So yeah, I'll be posting more of my paintings soon for sure :)

28 May 2011

Pieces of Eden

Not this Saturday but the next I will be having a few of my sculptures in Modern Eden's anniversary show.
It's s great spot in North beach, So go check it out! Promise you will not be disappointed.
See you there!

22 May 2011

And Another One Hits The Kiln

So I just finished sculpting another architecture piece but before I put it in the kiln I wanted to share.
This may be the last architecture piece for a bit....
I'm starting to get anxious to try new things, but we'll see what happens.

Back to work...

02 May 2011

View From Davis

This past weekend I went to the CCACA in Davis and saw so much amazing work and got talk to many great artist!
This is gonna be a long post but there is many works I wanted to show and even this is not all of it, I wish I could put it all up more...

These guys look familiar...

I got to meet the amazing Tip Toland, everything about this woman I found inspiring!
Here is some of her work in the Natsoulas Gallery:
Enjoy the work I know I did!