27 February 2011

Something to Put Your Paint on

So while things are drying and firing I'm gonna show you guys how to make this...
Into this...
First grab your tools.
I use a pneumatic staple gun but you could use nails.
 You'll need at least four Miter clamps and as many spring clamps you can get
Also you'll need wood glue.
So first, cut out your wood board, whatever size you may need.
Then cut what will be the framing.
And for that we will use the Miter saw which can conveniently cut at 45 degree angles so we can achieve our 90 degree corners on our frame.
Make sure both sides are in opposite angles or it will not work out so well 
So next, place the framing in the miter clamp and push together to get a 45 degree angle making sure to keep one side loose while tightening the other.
Now apply wood glue and push together while tightening the loose piece.
After the clamp is tight, staple both sides of the corner making sure to offset them so one doesn't kick the other outside the frame.
And after you have done that to all sides, time to put it on the panel...
Put a thin line of wood glue on the edge, then...
Slap it on there making sure to align it with the board.
Now put as many clamps as you can on it, reason being, you don't want any parts of the board rising up from the frame. You want it flush.
Some glue might come out the sides, its easier to clean off when it's still wet with a towel then sand it off later.
And thats basically it. Do make sure you sand the edges so no one handling your work gets splinters because they will hate you.
And as far as preparation before you paint you have choices:
   you can use gesso, matte medium or oil primer to name a few.
I usually us matte medium because it lets me start from a toned surface.
Well I hope that's been helpful and let me know if there are questions or comments.


Brie said...

This is awesome! Thanks for the tips! Can you help me make a custom board? I have a few paintings in mind..

Dlihca said...

Sure let me know when

rhonda said...

I am enjoying this addition to your website. Beautiful art....with instruction. Thanks!

KI-KE said...

Hey Anderson it's Enrique from your figure painting class. Nice sculptures man. Dude can you help me make some of these since you have wood shop access?

Dlihca said...

Thnkx guys and Enrique, I talk to you soon.